Hello! Welcome to my vaguely academic personal site. My name is Leonard Tang, and I’m a Senior at Harvard pursuing a joint concentration in Mathematics and Computer Science.


I attempt to do research broadly in machine learning, with an emphasis on topics in NLP, security, and robustness. You can find my publications here.


In industry, I’ve been:

  • A Research Intern at Gamalon under Ben Vigoda solving PCFG induction
  • A SDE Intern at Amazon working on big data (9-figure) supply chain logistics
  • A ML Infra Engineering Intern At NVIDIA MagLev working on Autonomous Vehicles
  • At Snapchat Perception developing multimodal intent recognition and augmented reality experiences
  • The first Student Researcher at the Allen Institute of AI, researching problem solving capabilities and mathematical inconsistencies in large language models on the Aristo Team
  • A Quantitative Research Intern on the AI strategies team at Cubist Systematic Strategies (Point72) under Pusheng Zhang
  • A consultant on product, engineering, and research topics for various startups, ranging from Seed to Series C

Outside of work, I’m passionate about blues, rock, and to some extent, jazz guitar, several British bands, lifting, reading, Datamatch, and singing in Glee Club.

Boring Pre-professional Stuff

Please see my LinkedIn. Resume available upon request.

Let’s Chat

Feel free to reach me at “leonardtang[AT]college.harvard.edu”.