Hello! Welcome to my vaguely academic personal site. My name is Leonard Tang, and I’m a junior at Harvard pursuing a joint concentration in Mathematics and Computer Science.


I attempt to do research. I’ve been very, very fortunate to be mentored by Gabriel Kreiman at Center for Brains, Minds, and Machines, Dan Hendrycks at Berkeley, Iddo Drori at MIT, and Ashwin Kalyan at Allen AI. I’ve also reviewed for NeurIPS Datasets and Benchmarks, NeurIPS Math-AI, ICCV, AutoML, and CVPR.

You can find my publications here.

Industry Experience

In industry, I was a Research Intern at Gamalon under Ben Vigoda solving PCFG induction problems. I’ve also been a SDE Intern at Amazon working on big data supply chain logistics. At NVIDIA MagLev, I built real-time ML Infra for Autonomous Vehicles. Last summer at Snapchat Perception Research, I formulated and developed a Multimodal User Intent Recognition/Ranking Engine and a restaurant-based Augmented Reality experience.

I’m currently a Student Researcher on the Allen Institute of AI’s Aristo Team studying mathematical inconsistency in large language models. On the side, I consult for Abacus.AI on XAI in recommender systems.


Outside of work, I’m passionate about blues (and to some extent jazz) guitar, British rock bands, lifting, drones/photography, Datamatch, and singing in Glee Club.

Boring Pre-professional Stuff

Please see my LinkedIn. Resume available upon request.

Let’s Chat

Feel free to reach me at “leonardtang[AT]college.harvard.edu”.